Main Catalogue

Main Catalogue

Our strategic focus has made us a very successful company for cutting tools in the European market.

Catalogue Overview 2016

More than 75 years of experience! In Königsee, highly skilled workers of WERKÖ GmbH produce high-precision, modern cutting tools for standard- and customized applications. Our solutions are a contribution to ensuring manufacturing processes and improving efficiency. High availability of tools ex stock and service level agreements provide outstanding availability of all products.


Blue & BlackLine

Our BlueLine offers the perfection of a high-performance tool combined with a very good price-performance-ratio.It is suitable for various materials.

Our BlackLine ensures you highest perfection in high-performance field for your serial production. It guarantees optimum results in a wide range of applications.

Special Line

WERKÖ precision tools are the outcome of highest manufacturing quality and a specialty of this company. Our engineers develop the tool you need at modern CAD/CAM workstations. Our Technical sales team and the application engineers apply their expert knowledge to the benefit of your product.


Especially for metal-foundries we offer SAND-CORE-DRILLS for the preparation of ventilation-holes. In recent years we specialized in preparation of ventilation-holes in sand-cores, in order to provide high-performance tools.


Our new tool in our product family DIN 338 – the “SN-top” with TiN-coated head. A universal, very stable HSS drill bit for all standard applications. Split-Point permits very good positioning and reduces feed and torque. TiN-coating provides longer tool life or increased cutting-speed.